Introducing this Site.

This site is the  new home of the Highland Placemaking Team.   We are located in the Highland Park Neighborhood in Rochester, NY.   Our team began as a grassroots response after a car accident on one of our an interior neighborhood streets nearly cascaded into tragedy. Only a shattered tree prevented the out of control vehicle from crashing into historic houses just a few feet away. While neighbors had been discussing the need for traffic calming around our playground park, they responded firs to this event with a petition and then by organizing themselves to be involved with Traffic Calming Plans for the neighborhood.   From the beginning, we have incorporated concepts of placemaking within our neighborhood and community project plans.

Contact us at  We welcome new members from among our residents and other local friends.


BoulevArt- First of its kind in North-East US

BoulevArt- 2012 –  First of its kind in North-East US –  One of the original Placemaking team projects



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