Neighborhood Pace Car

Take the Pledge Here!Do you want  safer, more walkable neighborhoods?

If you believe that our neighborhood streets should be safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, children, pets and yourself –  then you can become part of the solution!  One way to make changes is a process called Traffic Calming.  And in South-East Rochester,  we have a new related program where you can…

Become a Pace Car Driver!

The Neighborhood Pace Car Program* is a citizen based  initiative to slow traffic and make streets safer for everyone.   Every Pace Car is a “Moving Speed Bump”.  Cities across the U.S. and Canada have created Pace Car programs.   Now, the Southeast Quadrant Voice of the Citizen initiative is bringing this program to Rochester NY.  After signing a pledge form,  residents and visitors  display the PACE CAR bumper sticker on their car.

DSC09615crweA Pace Car Driver recognizes that quality of life for all residents is enhanced  when responsible drivers adhere to the laws and safe driving practices on every street in our neighborhoods.  A Pace Car Driver also serves as  an example so that the others will respect safety on our streets.  To receive a free Pace Car Bumper Sticker,  a driver must pledge to:

  • Be aware of and observe the speed limit
  • Slow down near schools and other areas such as playgrounds, parks, residential streets  where children are often present.
  • Always yield to pedestrians crossing the street
  • Come to a complete stop at stop signs, then look carefully before proceeding
  • Be courteous to bicyclists and other road users.
  • Do not tailgate
  • Do not block walkways, a bike lane, or a driveway when parking
  • Consider using alternative means of transportation and consolidate car trips  to lessen traffic on residential streets.
  • Display the Pace Car Bumper Sticker on their vehicle so other drivers know why they are driving courteously and at a safe speed.
  • Encourage others to sign the pledge.  The more Pace Car drivers the safer our streets will become!

To Take the Pledge Now:  Use this Online Form.

Pledge forms may also be signed at these locations in South-East Rochester where stickers can be picked up immediately:

You  may also download a pledge form here.
Forms and stickers will also be at neighborhood events, including the National Night Out Celebration held in The Highland Park Neighborhood on August 4, 2015.  For more information contact us at

*The Pace Car program was invented by David Engwicht of Creative Communities International, Queensland, Australia.   Read more about the history of the Neighborhood Pace Car program at this link.