A Pace Car for Rochester

Neighborhood Pace Car Program  - Introduced in 2015. Click to Learn More.

Neighborhood Pace Car Program – 
Click to Learn More.

Join our local Traffic Calming efforts by enrolling your vehicle as a Neighborhood Pace Car.  Pace Cars are a new to Rochester initiative jointly promoted by the city’s South-East Quadrant NSC office, the urban transit advocates at Reconnect Rochester and the recently relaunched Highland Placemaking Team.  The program continues the work of last year’s Voice of the Citizen SE quadrant project.  Local drivers simply pledge to obey legal speed limits as well as other good driving practices.  Drivers also pledge to display the free Pace Car sticker on their car.  Pace Cars then serve as safety-first role models respecting the rules of the road as well as the rights of pedestrians and bicyclists to share our streets.   You can take the pledge right here online at this site.   Or if you prefer doing it in person, you will find forms and stickers at area libraries and other locations, such as public libraries in South-East Rochester.  Pledge forms and stickers are also available at the SE Quadrant Neighborhood Service Center at 320 N Goodman Streets.  And look for these at neighborhood events such as the Highland Park Neighborhood Association’s National Night Out Celebration on August 4, 2015 in Ellwanger & Barry Park (at the corner of Meigs and Linden streets.)The Pace Car initiative was created by Australian activist David Engwicht while working with the residents of Boise, Idaho.  It came to the attention Placemaking team co-chair Marcia Zach while doing research for the first Traffic Calming Plan for the Highland Park Neighborhood six years ago.   As a volunteer planner, Marcia connected the program to the City’s recent Voice of the Citizen traffic safety project.  Meanwhile the new Highland Park Neighborhood team combines its former Traffic Calming and Art & Cultural groups with a renewed focus on “Placemaking” and other quality of life issues.  This is also the team that created the HPNA’s BoulevArt Street painting and a variety of cultural events while advocating for other improvements in neighborhood public spaces.  Learn more about the team at its website http://calmroctraffic.com or by email: placemaking@calmroctraffic.com

Streets for the People!

An exciting addition to the Pace Car team are the urban planning advocates at Reconnect Rochester.  They are promoting the concept within a broader program of cooperation with the SE NSC entitled “Streets for the People”.  See more about this partnership at http://reconnectrochester.org

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