Calm #Roc Traffic LogoThis site is the home of the Highland Placemaking Team which is  located in the Highland Park Neighborhood in Rochester, NY.  As concerned neighbors, members within our group first began making inquiries to our City about Traffic Calming issues in the late 1990s.   Then in the summer of 2009,  after a nearly disastrous car accident occurred near the corner of Meigs and Linden, our team formed as a grassroots response to the need for Traffic Calming in our urban residential areas.  From the beginning, we incorporated “Placemaking”  within our many neighborhood and community project plans and eventually adopted this term as the core definition of our goals.

Placemaking is much more that just Traffic Calming, it also embraces all the activities, events and creative projects that our group has developed with an Arts & Cultural focus.   Everything we do as do as a team connects to our belief that we, as residents, should work together to improve the quality of the life in our public spaces – a life that our neighborhood then shares together.

Join Us!   Contact us at placemaking@calmroctraffic.com.  Or use the online form linked here.   We welcome new members from among our residents and other local friends.

Current Team Members Include:

Chris Kase, Matthew Nickoloff,  Kara Reidy-Vedder, Michael Tomb, Dave Vedder, Carlene Woodward,  and Marcia Zach.

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