Welcome to Placemaking!

This site is maintained by the Highland Placemaking Team within the Highland Park Neighborhood in Rochester, NY.    We have been active proponents of Placemaking  since we originally formed in 2009 when first creating a Traffic Calming Plan for our neighborhood,

Over the years, we have been busy on a number of projects focused on improving the quality of life for our residents.   In 2009, led by our teamthe playground at Meigs & Linden, was officially renamed Ellwanger & Barry Park Our park has since benefited from several Placemaking efforts including installation of a Sculpture, Planters and a specially designed Kiosk.

Painting the flower in the center of the first BoulevArt project.

Starting in 2010, team members worked with the City of Rochester to bring BoulevART 2012 to our neighborhood.  BoulevArt was originally inspired by The City Repair Project.   Our group is proud to have teamed with our city so that here,  in Rochester,  150 people came together to create a 350 foot painting on our streets in the first event of its kind in the North-East United States.  This group then re-assembled in 2014 to refresh the work of art that the residents of the neighborhood had created together.  In 2012, we  also supported residents working with the City to redesign the area around its smallest park in another project intended to make our streets safer.   We have also created family friendly concerts in our park and other neighborhood venues.  And we have designed exhibits that connect the rich history of our neighborhood with its present day-to-day living experience.   For five years, we have helped organize the neighborhood’s annual National Night Out celebration.  More is on the way…

Pledge PACECARNow, along with the City of Rochester’s South-East Quadrant Neighborhood Service Center and our friends at Reconnect Rochester, we are together bringing another new program to Rochester called The Neighborhood Pace Car.   Learn how you can take the pledge.

Streets for the People!Placemaking is a process where the residents of a place help decide how their public spaces should be bettered towards quality of life.  If this interests you:  Join Us!   On this site,  we have also compiled a useful list of Placemaking Resources that will introduce you to the World of Placemakers.  And you should also consider adding your support to a new local effort that defines itself with the slogan: Streets for the People!