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Placemaking and Pot-Luck

The Highland Placemaking Team invites you to join its members and other residents at a summer long series of (mostly) weekly discussions with optional pot-luck dinner.  These gatherings will take place in Ellwanger & Barry Park during the summer on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm.  Rain-date locations will generally be at the South Wedge Mission, although please check the website  – we might erect a pop-up instead for passing showers.  Note:  you don’t have to be a member of our team to come to the discussions – anyone interested in placemaking, quality of life, traffic calming and other related neighborhood cultural and social projects is welcome.

For our next series of Team Placemaking initiatives to be successful, we’ll need the input, advice and support of Neighborhood residents. In the near term, we are planning to define our mission and update our goals as well as the plan we first created in fall 2009 to reflect progress and new concerns.   

Come to any of these meetings to share your ideas for projects and to discuss traffic calming issues.   And look to attend other team meetings and events as these are scheduled on our calendar.

 The Highland Placemaking Team can be contacted at: or 473-0026 for  Marcia Zach & Michael Tomb (current Highland Placemaking Team Co-Chairs.)   Complete list of current members can be found at this link. 

PS Please also Visit our Goals, Methodology and Document Archive Page by Clicking This Link

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