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A Thumbs Up from the Democrat & Chronicle

The Neighborhood Pace Car program received a Thumbs Up from the editorial board of Rochester’s Democrat & Chronicle newspaper in the August 15, 2015 edition.

Thumbs up: To the 75 people in southeast Rochester who have pledged to set an example behind the wheel. Neighbors have drawn up aPace Car Pledge in which drivers agree to obey the speed limit, yield to pedestrians.   See more here…

One the mascots of Rochester Traffic Calming: Moe the Turtle also gives a “Thumbs Up” to safe driving

This follows a week with several other stories about Pace Car in local media.  One of those was an earlier article in the Democrat & Chronicle itself:

In auto racing, a pace car usually leads drivers around the track to get them motoring at a common speed before the competition starts.  Southeast Rochester residents have launched a grassroots initiative meant to set a pace for everyday drivers — albeit a slower, safer one.  Neighbors have drawn up a “Pace Car Pledge” in which drivers agree to obey the speed limit, yield to pedestrians, be courteous to bicyclists and otherwise observe traffic safety laws. People who sign the pledge get a “Pace Car” sticker to put on their bumpers. See entire article here…

Many of the 75 people taking the pledge that are mentioned in the article did this recently at the Highland Park Neighborhood’s annual National Night Out celebration.  This included the first known instance of someone  (long time neighborhood leader David Halter) in a motorized wheel chair pledging to be a Pace Car!

The First  Highland Park Neighborhood Pace Chair enrolled at National Night Out 2015.

The First Neighborhood Pace Chair enrolled at National Night Out 2015

Pace Car Coverage on WROC-TV

Earlier this week Rachel Barnhart,  a reporter from local TV channel WROC News 8, came into the neighborhood to report on the new Neighborhood Pace Car initiative for Rochester.  Before interviewing Michael Tomb, co-chair of the Highland Placemaking Team, Rachel took the Pace Car Pledge herself.

Rachel Barnhart of WROC-TV signing Pace Car Pledge

Rachel Barnhart of WROC-TV signing Pace Car Pledge

You can find Rachel’s report on Pace Car and its connection to Traffic Calming on the web here:

Take the Pace Car Pledge at National Night Out!

Download Poster Here

Download Poster Here

Take the Pace Car Pledge  at the Highland Park Neighborhood’s 2015 National Night Out Celebration, on Tuesday August 4th.  This will be a fun filled few hours as well as a chance to visit with other friends & residents and any special guests who happen by. Music will be provided by the Ruckus Juice Jug Stompers​ who will also lead us in a couple of numbers as The Neighborhood Kazoo Chorus. (Kazoos will be available at the event at a friendly price).  The Rochester NY Police Department​ Mounted Patrol will be in the Park as will be the HPNA PAC-TAC Team.  Pizza will provided by Little Venice.

Don’t miss being a part of the annual “Neighborhood Reunion Photo Shoot” at 7:00 pm.  BoulevArt designer Larry Staiger will also return to do his very  popular portraits on demand.  And the Highland Placemaking Team will be there all ready to sign you up to join The Neighborhood Pace Car”  program.   Make the Pledge and immediately receive the free sticker to display. Continue reading